With Drawing Offices being persistently overstretched it can take a long time for an engineer to have their pen modifications on a paper drawing translated into a CAD drawing, or a revised paper drawing. We can help you with that. We can take your marked-up paper drawings, scan them, and then convert them to CAD using heads-up digitisation, in 24 hours. Once the CAD version (Revit, Bentley, or AutoCAD) is updated we can print out a revised version on paper or save a copy to PDF. Within 48 hours of request you can have: the updated paper drawing, a new CAD version of the drawing, and a PDF of it too.

Please note that this service is different from the more common automatic vectorisation of drawings that is entirely software-driven and is vulnerable to mis-interpretation of mark-ups on the drawings. Our heads-up digitisation is carried out manually by qualified and experienced draughting technicians and engineers, with multiple QA checks in the process, before delivery of the final product.

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