Our secure records management facilities feature state-of-the-art security for your archive document boxes, with double-thickness walls, fingerprint-recognition door access, and 24/7 CCTV. The service is simplicity itself:

  • We collect your archive boxes and take them to our secure facilities
  • We catalogue and barcode them (as well as individual files if you like) and use the barcode to track the movement of those items
  • When you need one of those files or boxes back you simply inform us and we deliver them to you the next day – or the same day if required
  • Once you’re done with the box or file you give us a call and we’ll come and pick it up and return it to storage
  • When the box or file reaches the end of its retention requirements we remind you so you can decide whether you want us to destroy that item or extend its retention
  • If you wish to lower your business’ carbon footprint we can help you achieve that with digital deliveries: we pull the files from storage, scan them to high-quality PDF documents, and deliver them to you electronically instead of driving the paper files over to you

Benefits of our records management service include:

Space: Removing your archived boxes and files from your offices will free up significant space that you can put to mode productive use

Cost savings: Your office space comes at a premium, do you really want to be paying that much for the floor space taken up by your records? And if your archive is being stored in an self-storage facility, chances are that you’re paying rent for space that is not being utilised; with us you pay literally per box, so not one square inch is paid for if it’s not being used.

Compliance: All box and file movements are tracked and recorded in a GDPR-compliant audit trail, and we can give you regular reports on all movements

Convenience: You can order your boxes or files back at the click of a button and we’ll do all the work – it’s not necessary for you to drive all the way to your self-storage unit and get all dusty in the process of finding the file that you need

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