At its simplest, a digital mailroom involves re-routing your paper mail to us for scanning to digital format, and uploading the digital files into your chosen repository. However, in a real-world deployment of a digital mailroom there are many different processes that can be applied to different document types, e.g. contracts, invoices, account application forms etc, so the stream that each document type follows will be slightly different from the others once it’s been digitised. The common theme is that software and best-practice processes are used to simplify the workflow of processing each document type. Streamlining and simplifying the workflow results in higher productivity and a reduced operating cost for you.

How it works


Paper documents are received at our secure premises via a dedicated PO Box number, or are collected by our vans. Our digital mailroom can handle both the paper documents that you receive in the post. In addition, we can receive electronic documents via dedicated e-mail addresses.


Documents are sorted, prepared and scanned by a trained team, according to your business rules. Exceptions are out-sorted and handled as per your instructions. Documents can be scanned with post and pre-scanning imprinting to show the date and time that the document was scanned. Also, a batch code can be added as an option.


Recognition and intelligent data-processing processes are applied to the scanned images and to the documents that were received electronically and merge both sources of mail into one unified workflow.


Once scanned, the original hard-copy documents may be delivered to you, or stored for a fixed period then securely destroyed, or stored permanently in archive boxes, or filed into fire-proof safes.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss in more detail how the above can be personalised for your specific processes to save you time and money.

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