A fundamental requirement of the new GDPR regulation is for organisations to know exactly what information they hold; only then can they decide which records can be destroyed, which can be placed in long-term offsite storage, and which should be scanned or kept onsite for quick access as required. The problem is that often the archive consists of a large number of boxes or cabinets full of paper documents , and over the years and multiple changes in administrators the index/catalogue of the contents of the boxes is either missing, incomplete, or so out-of-date that it is unusable.

We can put our experience of file cataloguing to use by collecting the boxes (or doing it on site if you prefer), and creating a detailed inventory that lists the contents of each box/cabinet, and of each file if required. The inventory can also be used to categorise by document type and document date, so that you can implement your retention policy with a significant level of granularity. Once you have selected the next step for each document, Document Control Solutions will work with you to manage the scanning, secure storage, and certified confidential shredding of the documents.

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