Manually transcribing information from supplier invoices into your Accounts System is slow and prone to human error. We can address this by digitising your supplier invoices, then combining them with invoices received by e-mail into one workflow; our software then:

  1. Reads the invoice
  2. Recognises suppliers and creates a link to your purchase order automatically
  3. Captures all the required fields of information from the invoice
  4. This information is then returned to you for mass importing into your Accounts Payable system.

Your colleagues from the Accounts Payable department may well relate to the common problem that a large part of their day is wasted dealing with anomalies such as incorrect invoices, invoices that don’t have a Purchase Order number, or have the wrong Purchase Order number, or have exceeded the valid date or maximum value of the Purchase Order. We will deal with these anomalies and many others, so that the data that reaches you is correct and clean, and is ready for entering into your ledger system.

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