Despite the obvious benefits of scanning documents, in terms of conducting E-Discovery on text-searchable files instead of handling thick paper files, the Legal sector has historically preferred to work with hard copy.  However, this has changed in the last couple of years as E-Discovery technology has improved and it has been able to take full advantage of text-searchable documents. Document Control Solutions can scan your records in an ISO 27001 secure environment, and in compliance with the “BS 10008 - Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information” British Standard, and we can also advise you on how to maintain that compliance in your ongoing management of the scanned records.

Benefits of scanning your client and case files include:

  • Space - Freeing up of storage and office space that can be put to more productive use
  • Dramatically improved productivity – your staff will be able to access the information instantly on their computer instead of having to manually retrieve files and put them back after use. Because the PDFs are text-searchable, users can search for specific words without having to scan-read dozens, or hundreds, of pages, which can save very substantial amounts of time, dramatically increasing the analytical capacity of the user. Please note that the text search does not work with handwriting.
  • Increased Security/GDPR compliance – the electronic version of the records can be encrypted and password-protected at individual file level, or stored in a password-protected document repository that only authorised personnel can access
  • Business continuity/Disaster recovery - In case of disaster (e.g. fire or flood) you can restore the digital records from your backup and be up and running the next day - but with paper records a catastrophic data loss is potentially total and irreversible
  • Data loss - The possibility of misfiling or losing a record is significantly reduced

Not all your files will benefit equally from being scanned, for example there may be many documents that you are required to keep for a long time, but that you very rarely, if ever, access. Document Control Solutions can store those files for you securely; when you need them back we’ll deliver them to your offices, and when you’re ready to return them to the archive we’ll pick them up from you.

At some stage most documents need to be disposed of. We can provide elegant shredding cabinets into which you place your sheets for destruction, and on a pre-arranged schedule we empty those bins, shred the contents and provide a certificate of destruction for your audit trail. If you’re looking for a one-off purge of documents that require destruction then we can pick up your boxes and we can provide sturdy secure sacks into which to place your files that are not boxed, and again provide a certificate of destruction after they have been shredded. The shredding can be done either at one of our secure facilities or at your premises with our mobile shredding trucks.

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