Businesses like Accountancies, Wealth Management advisors, Mortgage and Insurance Brokers have always generated large volumes of paper that take up a lot of expensive and unproductive office space. Traditionally the solution has been to keep the majority of the records off-site in a self-storage facility, because their cost of storage can be lower than keeping the boxes/cabinets of documents in the office. However this has three disadvantages:

  • Retrieving documents out of storage is slow and expensive
  • You may be paying to rent some space that you’re not using
  • Over time the index detailing the exact location of each file tends to become progressively less accurate
  • Disaster risk: if the information being stored is lost due to fire or flood, for example, then it’s gone forever, and it will be difficult to impossible to get copies of it

With the arrival of GDPR it is more important than ever to be able to access your documents (particularly personal data) very quickly, and the security of the documents is of absolute importance.  A solution to all four problems is to have Document Control Solutions arrange the scanning of your documents within an ISO27001 environment, and then provide you with a secure, encrypted GDPR-compliant Electronic Record & Document Management System to store those documents. We can index your files by as many fields, and in as much granularity as you like; and we will work with you to determine the specification that achieves what you need without adding unnecessary bells and whistles.

Not all your files will benefit equally from being scanned, for example there may be many documents that you are required to keep for a long time, but that you very rarely, if ever, access. Document Control Solutions can store those files for you securely; when you need them back we’ll deliver them to your offices, and when you’re ready to return them to the archive we’ll pick them up from you.

At some stage most documents need to be disposed of. We can provide elegant shredding cabinets into which you place your sheets for destruction, and on a pre-arranged schedule we empty those bins, shred the contents and provide a certificate of destruction for your audit trail. If you’re looking for a one-off purge of documents that require destruction then we can pick up your boxes and we can provide sturdy secure sacks into which to place your files that are not boxed, and again provide a certificate of destruction after they have been shredded. The shredding can be done either at one of our secure facilities or at your premises with our mobile shredding trucks.

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