There are many departments within most companies and organisations that can benefit by digitising their records, for example: HR & Occupational Health, Finance, Insurance and Pensions, and Quality Control.  This is because they are all functions of a business for whom it is important to be able to quickly access certain data, while at the same time keeping it safe and with an audit trail of all access to that data, to assist in GDPR compliance.

Other document types need to be kept for a long time but don’t necessarily need to be accessed instantly, and for those documents we can provide very secure storage in our facilities, with a delivery and collection service whenever you need them back.

At some stage most documents need to be disposed of. We can provide elegant shredding cabinets into which you place your sheets for destruction, and on a pre-arranged schedule we empty those bins, shred the contents and provide a certificate of destruction for your audit trail. If you’re looking for a one-off purge of documents that require destruction then we can pick up your boxes and we can provide sturdy secure sacks into which to place your files that are not boxed, and again provide a certificate of destruction after they have been shredded. The shredding can be done either at one of our secure facilities or at your premises with our mobile shredding trucks.

Then there are other departments whose needs may be different from those of the mainstream functions of a business; for example we have helped customers with a large archive of unknown files in boxes by meticulously creating a detailed catalogue of the contents of each box and each file. This allows our customers to select the files by age and by type, and choose which ones are due to be shredded, which are to be kept off-site in our secure records management facility in paper form, and finally which are best scanned in order to be retrieved at short notice.

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