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Working out what to do with all the different types of documents in a business or other organisation can be a daunting task. And even after you’ve done all the research to find out what the best practice is for each document type, it’s not easy to put it in practice.

How do you know which documents you should pay to have scanned, and which you’d be better off keeping in hard copy but storing offsite? Are you really working as efficiently as possible or could you gain lots of extra productivity by harnessing technology in the way you use your documents? If so, where’s the breakeven point and what’s the ROI? What about all the sheets of paper that get thrown away – are they being disposed of in a way that complies with GDPR or could it be done better?

Document Control Solutions can help you answer all these questions, and we can help you find the solutions that best fit your aims and your budget – with the minimum of effort on your part.

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